Considerations When Choosing a Private Boat Charter

If you want to try something fun and exciting for your next trip or holiday, a private boat charter is one of the best options. Private charters allow you to enjoy all the fun of sailing without incurring the annual docking and maintenance costs. You are also able to visit and stay in different locations without going through the hassle of repacking. Boat Charter vs. Rental Chartering a boat is quite distinct from boat rental, despite the fact that they both involve using someone's boat at a cost. Read More 

Challenges grappling sea freight companies

As their name implies, sea freight companies engage in the shipping of goods and cargo from one seaport to another. Sea freight transport entails the shipping of bulky goods across the seawaters, which might not be possible through other alternative means of freight transport such as road, rail and air. Despite this major advantage, it is important to note that sea transport companies face myriad challenges in their normal operations. This article looks at some of those challenges: Read More