Considerations When Choosing a Private Boat Charter

If you want to try something fun and exciting for your next trip or holiday, a private boat charter is one of the best options. Private charters allow you to enjoy all the fun of sailing without incurring the annual docking and maintenance costs. You are also able to visit and stay in different locations without going through the hassle of repacking.

Boat Charter vs. Rental

Chartering a boat is quite distinct from boat rental, despite the fact that they both involve using someone's boat at a cost. Boat rentals usually involve smaller boats such as motor boats and power boats, which are usually rented on an hourly basis. Chartered boats usually range from bigger sailing boats to yachts, which are usually equipped for longer voyages.

Before chartering a private boat for your trip, there are various considerations that you need to have in mind. These include the following.

Types of Private Charters

Private boat charters can be categorized into three types: Crewed charter, captain-only charter and bareboat charter.

  • Crewed charter. This type of charter boat comes with a captain and a crew who take over operations throughout the entire trip. Operating expenses such as fuel and port expenses are also included in the package. When choosing this kind of private charter, getting a good crew is important in ensuring you get the ultimate experience.
  • Captain-only charter. These private charters come with the captain only. You are required to handle the crew duties such as cooking, cleaning and other provisions or hire your own crew for these services.
  • Bareboat charter. This is where you charter the boat only and are responsible for operating the boat, hiring a crew, buying provisions and overseeing all other operations. This kind of charter requires you to be an experienced sailor with a valid license that validates you as having the desired competence to operate the boat of your choice. Basically, a bareboat charter gives you total control over the boat.

Choosing a Private Charter Company

There are various charter companies that you can choose from that range from small sailboat companies to large companies. The type of company you go for can be primarily based on the type of trip that you want and your budget. If you desire a simple inexpensive trip, you can go for companies that offer small to medium sized sailboats. For a deluxe experience, you can go for a full-service company that avails extras to the charter package such as a pool, hotel at the base and mini-resorts, among others. If your budget is limited, you can still get the ultimate experience, but with slightly altered expectations.

When choosing a private charter company, have in mind that you can choose to deal with the company directly or indirectly through a broker. A broker will give a variety of choices and packages, making the process less cumbersome. You will also get an honest and unbiased opinion about companies since they deal with different charter companies